Because it just makes sense

Synchronicity is a phenomenon – an amazing convergence of time and space.  Often, we imagine how it might be.  And, then, our imagination is played out in real time (or what we think of as real time).  We consider what’s next, and we hope it turns out well for all concerned.  It always does in the end, but, do we recognize it when it happens?  Do we reframe the outcomes and create new experiences, new memories?  I hope that when synchronicity visits you, you find your new you.  People and circumstances might get in the way, but you are in charge of your future.  YOU ARE.

I have found the new me.  And, it’s a fabulous meeting of mind, heart, body, and soul.  My family found their new ways of being in the world after Owen died.  Owen found his new Owen when he died.  I trust that this is true.  I knew him.  He knew me.  We knew stuff that no one else could imagine.  We talked about the synchronicities in our lives, and said, “ah, right, I know that one”.

Song for the night: Synchronicity, The Police

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~ by Linda on April 29, 2013.

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