It’s raining tonight in Northern California.  It’s Halloween, and the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood were low in numbers.  Only the strong came out.  They were not afraid of getting wet.  Rain is just water, and I guess they got that.  Gimme some candy!

Dave and I waited with candy bowl in hand, and doled out the few miniatures to the children whose parents banked on the experience, rather than the weather.  I don’t know for sure, but if memory serves, my brother and I never failed to go trick-or-treating due to weather.  We were hearty kids, more focused on the night’s “take” than on weather.  Tonight, we have more candy in our house than we want to consume, so I’ll take it to work tomorrow.  Someone will surely eat it.  I will.  I love Butterfingers and Milky Ways.  Yum.

On my drive in to work today, before all my responsibilities kicked into gear, I heard this song on the radio.  I remembered my teenage years, when the song was released, and I remembered sharing this song with Nat and Owen when they were just kids.  On some levels, all of life is Spooky.  Don’t you think?

Classics IV: 

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~ by Linda on October 31, 2012.

3 Responses to “Spooky”

  1. Hi Linda…I’m still here with you. I found you just after my daughter died, August 11th, 2007. Her birthday is coming up now, November 14th. Spooky, yeah. Love that song. Halloween brings back a lot of memories. Seanna hated Halloween. Autistic, she didn’t understand the concept, the ritual, got freaked out by the change in routine, and didn’t like candy, chocolate, anything. So it was a struggle between her and her younger sister. Can’t believe so much time has passed since the sky fell, in your world and mine. Our new jobs apparently are giving soft shoulder to the weary. We’re just now taking in our third soul in dire straits. Aged adoptees. We don’t need costumes to make anything scary, do we? All we have to do is remember. Blessings to you my fellow path walker…Stephanie

  2. i so mss your writing, it always somehow inspired me well in a weird way. Thinking of u always , holding you close & always thinking of you & OWEN SHANES MOM

  3. Glad to see you’re writing again. Your posts are always meaningful and I appreciate the music that you share.

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